NYC Real Estate Investors Morning Meeting Is Going On-Line

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  • 03/25/20 09:00PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • Free

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Dear Real Estate Investors,

As we're all going through a volatile real estate market, I wanted to connect with current investors and share our experiences of the past few days and brainstorm ideas as to how to deal with the current real estate environment

Looking forward to reconnecting and working with out real estate investors to come together and support one another during this time.

Please reply if you plan on joining. I believe Zoom has 50 person max and 40 minute length.

Looking for to connecting with all of you.



Hi everyone,

Been thinking a lot about the real estate market as a whole. Where we were, where we are now, what to do now. Let's discuss the issues that are facing the real estate market and its operations.

***I'll be having a special guest on the webinar, so you'll have to join me to find out who it is!***

Looking forward to the Zoom meetup!

***Share below any topics you'd like to discuss on the meetup, or specific questions.

Great catching up with @Stephen Roppenecker last night as we start networking online and figuring out the new real estate market.

5 takeaways from our meeting last night:

1. It seems that some investors, who may already have been under contract, are proceeding with closing properties. This means that old inventory will be cleared off the shelf. Some suggest new inventory will hit market after we stabilize in the next few months. Either way, prices will probably be coming down.

2. Investors entering the market are waiting to buy new properties for various reasons, for example decline in market value, rent collection uncertainty, and commercial business closure. There may be liquidity issues for newer investors as well, which can lead to mortgage defaults.

3. Now may be the time to review what properties have been on the MLS for a significant period of time, or may have come back on the market. Maybe you'll finally be able to make a deal for the property you've been tracking for a period of time.

4. Property renovations and development may be more costly and time consuming if there are hard materials and human resource supply chain disruptions.

5. To the contrary, demand for housing may increase because people will be traveling less and staying indoors more for now.

***Next Wednesday night, we're having another online meetup!***

***Special guest appearance - Anthony Ramos, Associate Broker, Century 21 Ramos Realty***

***Future guest appearances - Tanya Ramirez, Licensed Broker, State Farm Insurance Co.***

We'll post a sign up link shortly.