MAREI July Meeting: Build a Business Not a Job with Damon Remy

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  • 07/14/20 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • register to get the link, Kansas City Zoom Kansas City, Missouri 64114
  • $15

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Build a Business Not a Job with Damon Remy from REI BlackBook!

Develop Marketing & Follow Up Systems for the Deal Flow You Need so You can Live the Life You Want!

St Louis Real Estate Investor and self-proclaimed "Professional Geek," Damon Remy believes the number one mistake that real estate investors make is Building Job not Building a Business. They work hard to gain more freedom and time, but end up working as hard or harder at the tasks rather than creating systems.

Damon is joining us in July to share how we can develop Marketing and Follow Up Systems that generate the Deal Flow our Businesses Need, so we have Businesses and Not Jobs so we can go out and Get our Life Back.

6:00 Mini Break Out Networking Sessions
6:30 Deal Case Study with Dan Krupa
6:45 Haves and Wants
7:00 Industry Partner Intros
7:14 Market Update
7:30 Presentation

This meeting is on Zoom and yes, it will be recorded. All who register will receive access to the replay, chat, and handouts. The meeting is FREE for members of MAREI and 1st Time Guests. All others are asked to join or pay a guest fee. Please click the link for more info and to register.

For more info and to register for this event, follow this link:

Ok, guys and gals, we have homework for you to complete before the next MAREI meeting. Don't you hate it when we do that?

Follow this link to read up on the top 8 ways of finding motivated sellers.

As you develop or redevelop the systems in your real estate investing business, be sure to have a clearly defined accountability chart . . . Damon Remy from REI BlackBook explains:

Damon Remyis joining us to talk about systems and processes, especially follow up processes. We ran across this video on his private Facebook Group and asked if we could share it with you all as it really helps to explain follow up processes so you can begin to understand how they work and how you need to break them down and map them out.

The question for today - building your business on effective but illegal practices vs paring tried and true with the legal versions for a sustainable business that can't be shut down overnight with just one more court case or the justice department?

We found a great discussion from Damon Remy on a Facebook Live

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