Real Estate & Coffee

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  • 08/28/20 07:00AM - 08:00AM America/Chicago
  • Smokey Row Coffee - Back room, 1910 Cottage Grove Ave Des Moines, Iowa 50314
  • Free

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Talk casually and/or specific about Des Moines Iowa Real Estate Investing. I'm ready to see some friendly faces so I've reserved the back room at Smokey Row Coffee (on cottage grove) for 7am-8am every Friday for the next month, and possibly longer if there is at least 1 person that shows up weekly.


Smokey Row is limiting us to 20 ppl, but if we get to that point, I'll make other arrangments.

Who:New investors, new to the area, seasoned investors, flippers, Realtors, buy and hold investors, Sub2 experts, wholesalers and others!

Agenda:None/Open discussion about Central Iowa Real Estate Investing.Feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested

I hope you have a great turn out and I would be interested to see how the turn out is with all the Covid stuff!!  I can not attend the first one as I have a rotating schedule and work nights so it is hard to attend anything routinely!!  I am definitely interested in any type of meeting to learn what I can about investing and the strategies used. 

New to BP and looking to network and learn as much as I can so I can be prepared when I start my investment portfolio! Grew up in WDM but moved away 6 years ago. Currently in town visiting family and would love to discuss/learn Des Moines real estate market over some Smokey Row coffee!