Please join us at the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club virtual monthly meeting, Thursday night, October 8, 2020, 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Don't register at You must register at the following website to be included:

GUEST SPEAKER: Our featured speaker will be Lane Kawaoka, live from Honolulu, Hawaii. Lane has been investing for over a decade and now controls over 3,500 units. Lane obtained a BS in Industrial Engineer and his MS in Civil Engineering and construction Management from the University of Washington. In addition to his analytical engineering background, Lane has real world experience as a project manager for over $250 million of capital construction projects in both the public and private sectors. After working as a high paid professional in corporate America, and frustrated with traditional wealth building dogma, Lane struck out on his own. First he purchased a A-class rental in Seattle that rented for $2,200 per month. Three years later he was able to acquire a duplex. From there he was off to the races. He converted his portfolio to secondary markets with robust job markets and rent-to-own ratios that would yield $250-$000 monthly profit between rents and all expenses. Today, while enjoying the good life in Hawaii, he owns 21 apartment buildings, two manufactured home developments and assisted-living facilities in ten different states.

Lane is eager to share with you how to invest passively in real estate all over the Untied States regardless of where you live or whether you have a full time or part time job. The title of Lane's presentation will be: "How to Invest Passively with a Full-time W-2 Day Job."

Topics To Be Covered Include:
* What is active vs. passive investing
* Options for those in poor cash flow markets
* Where to find the best cash flow properties
* How to get started with remote turnkey rentals
* How to scale to syndications and private placements
* How to find high net worth investors for your projects
* How the wealthy mitigate taxes
* Never pay capital gains again (i.e. 1031 exchanges)

FREE ADMISSION: Admission to our monthly meetings is always complimentary (free!). Reservations are recommended. But don't RSVP at this Meetup page. Only RSVP at the following website to be properly registered:

VIRTUAL VENDOR EXPO. Yes, we are having a virtual Vendors Expo during our meeting. You can see and interact with each of our vendors at our landing page. We'll have over 42 vendor tables with opportunities for you to "meet and greet" with companies that you'll want to utilize in your real estate investing.

LAREIC. Founded in 1996, the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club is the oldest and largest investor group in California. Our Club helps people invest in real estate by offering education, networking, and mentoring. If you need help with any of these services, please let us know.