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TOPIC: Insurance for Real Estate Investors

Presentation by Rocco Esposito, owner of Esposito Insurance Group and SJREIA leader of the Landlording subgroup will discuss

Topics include:

Insurance for landlords and long term investments
Protecting yourself from tenant risk
Insurance for flips
Minimizing your risk from your contractors
How to properly protect your personal assets and investments from lawsuits

Rocco's bio - Rocco joined Esposito Insurance Group (EIG) in 2003 and is now the owner and General Manager. Prior to joining EIG, he was CTO at HunterDouglas and Maidenform. Rocco is a graduate of Rutgers Engineering and holds an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management. Rocco offers straightforward, honest advice, and works diligently to provide his clients with coverage that is right for them. Fun fact: Rocco’s daughter designed the company logo when she was six years old!

Esposito Insurance Group - phone: 973-284-1083 | fax: 973-284-0821 ,

RSVP > (RSVP on SJREIA's website to get link to zoom meeting)