On the first Wednesday of each month we dive deep into a multifamily acquisition with the deal sponsor. We cover how the deal was acquired, how it was financed and how it is operating now. Come for some education and stay for networking afterwards in Zoom breakout rooms.

Multifamily Deep Dive is a unique meetup where we discuss a recent apartment deal in-depth with the deal sponsor.

In April we are excited to have Nate Ohlrich, Chris Pomerleau & Collin Schwartz discuss the 23 unit multifamily reposition in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nate Ohlrich is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and broker from Omaha, Nebraska. Finding his “why” and clarifying his goals has helped him find compelling investment opportunities for himself and others. Nate just released a new book titled Fearless Investing, available for free at RedElmCapital.com.

Chris Pomerleau is an attorney, mediator, and real estate investor and Coach.

Collin Schwartz is a full-time real estate investor and owner of Bricktown Management.