A Deep Dive into an Atlanta Multifamily Deal with Brian Burke

In May we are excited to have Brian Burke deep dive on how combining two properties into one created massive value.

Learn how Praxis Capital bought two neighboring properties in Atlanta from two different sellers and two different brokers, combined them into one 540 unit property, and increased the value by 50% in less than two years, even in the face of multiple disasters.

Brian Burke is President / CEO of Praxis Capital Inc, a vertically integrated real estate private equity investment firm.

He has acquired over half a billion dollars’ worth of real estate over a 30-year career including over 3,000 multifamily units and more than 700 single-family homes, with the assistance of proprietary software that he wrote himself. Brian has subdivided land, built homes, and constructed self-storage, but really prefers to reposition existing multifamily properties.

He is the author of The Hands-Off Investor: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications, and is a frequent public speaker at real estate conferences and events nationwide.