Aloha all,  we are a community of Real Estate Investors in Hawaii, Southern California and a few other states.  We do real Estate Investing as a community which sounds counter intuitive since most want a 100% of the pie and not just a piece of it.  However, the juice is in the "hands-on" community!   Yes, you can Google,  watch YouTube videos, listen to Podcasts, and network all day long.  Thus, "learn by hearing" is good,  and "learn by watching" is better, however,  nothing beats "learn by doing" hands on!   That's what we do in our community.  The challenge is what do you bring to the table?  There is a lot to gain and lose in this line of business including the lifetime of credibility and experience that that we bring to the table and can authenticate and edify those who have the same core values of serving homeowners as we do.

Here are a few challenges that newbies and seasoned investors have:

 How do I start?  (honestly, most will start then quit then within a month of no progress)

I keep getting out bidded? (Of course you will!  Off market is the way to go - How do you find those off-market purple unicorns deals? Without paying an arm and a leg in Pay Per Click?  We can show you "hands-on" in the field)

How do I use Other People's Money? (OPM cost money and requires Credibility). If you can't furnish a credible track record with recent HUD-1's, its going to be hard to borrow money with good terms or borrow money at all.

Do you have boots on the ground to help you? A mentor over a mobile phone or zoom isn't as effective as meeting a homeowner at their house, starbucks, or a shopping mall food court.  We make homeowner calls/meetings with you in person! 

What is a digital door knock and why is it so effective?  Can I use this technique?  Yes, we can show you how to do it.  You'll need our help to make this work.

If you got the heart, grit, and stickability, please come and learn more about us.  BTW, we are not genie's in a bottle or a get rich scheme.  The one thing that we can guarantee is a lot of hardship and frustration.  However,  there is a lot of experience and wisdom that you will learn along the way to your first deal young skywalker.

You can register by going to and register for our meet-up session in person.   Still concerned about COVID?   You can also join us via ZOOM, however, in person is best. 

Mahalo and Blessings,


Mark 10:45