The Action Taker’s Guide

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A lot of people talk about being real estate investors. They’re attracted by the potential for scalable cash flow that leads to wealth and freedom. They like the idea of staying home and doing deals in their pajamas from the comfort of a recliner.

A LOT of people talk about being real estate investors but few actually follow through. Some start but then stop. Other don’t bother starting at all. If you are interested in investing in real estate and want to ensure that you join the elite group of action takers who actually DO instead of TALK, then you need to follow this simple Action Taker’s Guide

Get Started
The first step of taking action is to get started. Yes, I know this sounds simplistic but it’s true. It’s like the old adage “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you want to do deals you have to take one step forward. Think of investing like a giant filter: Many people enter the filter but only a few take the first step. And fewer still take the second step. And fewer still take the third step. Don’t sit on the sidelines… Take the first step!

Do More
To be an action taker, you need to do more. Real estate investing isn’t like showing up to a 9-5 job and waiting for your boss to give you an assignment. If you want to be a real estate investor, you need to do more… and if you want succeed in real estate investing, you need to do WAY more. (Note: This scares off a lot of people but I always believe that the spoils of victory go to those who are willing to do more than anyone else).

Push Back Fear
Along the way you’ll encounter struggles, trials, challenges, and obstacles, and especially the unknown. All of these things will hold you back and, more significantly, they’ll create fear in your mind and cause you to doubt yourself. You’ll wonder if you can; you’ll wonder how you can; you’ll doubt that you can. Guess what: Nothing worth doing is without fear. And successful real estate investors aren’t fearless…. They’ve just learned to manage their fear.

Have Fun
I think this is the most overlooked and/or forgotten component of taking action. The high performing real estate investors are having fun doing what they do. That’s a huge difference to the mass of investors who are struggling to get their first deals done. Those many struggling investors are focused on the difficulties they have to overcome and on the goal of making money… which is okay but the high performing action takers are having the time of their lives. They love the challenge; they’re inspired by the very activities that cause some investors to throw up their hands in defeat.

Embrace Imperfection
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from investors: I just need to figure out this one piece of the puzzle before I get started. Well, they figure out that piece and then they discover another piece to figure out. Without realizing it, they’re on a hopeless quest to acquire ALL real estate investing knowledge. Forget that plan. You’ll never figure it all out. (I’ve been at this for a long time and I haven’t). You just do the first imperfect deal, learn from it, and then do the second imperfect deal. That’s it.

If you put a bunch of real estate investors into a room, you’ll discover very quickly that most desire to be investors but don’t desire it enough to do anything about it, while only a small few are actually doing deals because they’re action takers. Follow my simple Action Taker’s Guide to get you moving forward on your deals.

@Joe Evangelisti Preach!!!!! Haha...Say it again. ....then say it again!

Some look at  the show on HGTV flip or flop and think its just that simple..esp when Tarek shows the profit at the end of the show.

The struggle is real...but it's a marathon not a race and it's FUN!!!!. And wealth can be had along with passive income. But it takes time...yet it doesn't mean to not get started! Take Action! 

@Joe Evangelisti

Thank you for hitting it hard to those who are just observers and not action takers in real estate investing. As a newbie, I felt that I am so fearful in pushing through to that first deal. And because of this, I haven't really dive my feet into real estate first deal for I always  feel that I am not ready. A reading like this builds my confidence that I can do this. 

Thank you so much!

such a good post I sometimes get so focused on the small details and forgetting the big picture. Great motivation and truth in this message keep it up man. Quick question I'm trying to take the skies the limit approach right now I'm new but eventually I want to take REI to a global level I'm sure this will take a while but I see your a commercial REI do you do any out of country investments?

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