Greetings All! 

  Don't worry, I don't plan to bore you all with a sad tale of seller's remorse. Instead, I'd like to share my story of how I have evolved as a real estate investor. I'm a buy and hold investor and have a considerably smaller portfolio than many of you (for now!), but after being approached "cold" by an acquaintance who, to his credit, was wise enough to want his first home to be a duplex to live on the cheap/free. 

  Talk about Deva-vu all over again, this guy was literally me six years ago....Young, hungry, looking for information, and ready to start my investing journey! I listened to his pitch, explained every upgrade and detail about the property, and settled on a price. Not only am I gaining a huge return (earned from sweat/blood/tears equity) but am also helping a young investor get started on his personal investment journey (Obviously I told him make BP his home page!!). 

    I plan on using net gains on another real estate investment, starting another project and journey, this time buying a new home for my family and I! I will still stick to my "One house a year" buying strategy, but when an opportunity to not only help another investor get started and having the deal work out for all involved, I'm no longer a strictly buy and hold investor! 

Cheers to all and best wishes in everyone's endeavors,