Dumpster Domination

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I was busy working on the early stages of a rehab minding my own business until I hired two contractors to help me. On their first day, I opened my dumpster and one of them who does REO clean-outs for banks was just floored at the organization and detail of the trash INSIDE my dumpster. I am pretty sure I remember him saying that in his entire career, he had never seen the trash in a dumpster so meticulously arranged and the available space just absolutely maximized as I had it. He took pictures of the beautifully arranged trash in my dumpster. I think the other contractor snapped a few pictures of the gorgeous piles of trash in my dumpster as well. I thought nothing of it for a while until the light bulb came on. I just had two professional contractors take pictures of PILES OF TRASH IN MY DUMPSTER........come on, who takes pictures of TRASH???? Normally, people take pictures of beautiful scenery, memorable things etc. That's when I realized I had some content and the Dumpster Domination Series was born.

Hi anthony, that is pretty incredible, way to maximize space, i would be careful about your weight though, some companies will charge you if that dumpster is over weight even though you wont know how much it weighs, but non the less that is some meticulous stacking, Props! i have use equipment to pack stuff into a dumpster but you have definitely taken the "term using the space" to a new level that i`m sure not many people would take time to consider!  looks great.   awesome

@Jay Barndt Thanks! When I realized what I had done at the stage that I brought the contractors in....and thanks to them pointing it out..... I decided to document on video the whole cycle for that first dumpster....how I packed it, what it ended up weighing, some dumpster math to put the weight in perspective and a walk-through of the demo project to show just how much stuff I was able to rip out and pack into the dumpster. I will be posting the other videos as well.

Around here , for a dumpster you pay for the delivery , the dump and the weight . Pack it tight you pay more for weight , but you can eliminate a extra dumpster.  When we load a truck to go to the dump , we load as neat and tight as possible  . 

@Matthew Paul  

That is the most efficient and cost effective way to do it. I have to clearly tell my guys that I want my dumpster packed tight and neat as possible but as quickly as possible. I find that if I don't, they will usually just toss stuff in any old way without a thought and in a hurry and not maximize it. 

If they have to spend unnecessary extra man hours though or move too slow trying to pack it, it may not work as well since now you are paying for more labor trying to save on the cost of an extra dumpster.

I just had to explain to a worker of mine who hadn't filled a dumpster before how to do it. 

Think Tetris. Fill hallow spaces with rubble. He nailed it when I came back to check! 

I like your video! 

Packed the dumpster with more beautiful piles of drywall and getting near the gate. By now I probably have about 90% of the drywall, and some plaster in the roughly 1,800 SF house packed into the dumpster. The trash bags were stuffed as full as we could get them with the blown in cellulose insulation that was behind some of the walls and in the attic. We then used them and miscellaneous light trash pieces to build a platform on top of which we set the boards of drywall. Here is Part 2.

To offer some perspective into how much weight I actually fit into the dumpster, I go into a little dumpster math covering the dumpster dimensions, tons and pounds. I even throw in a 2016 Toyota Camry into the mix. Here is Part 3.

Some photos from Part 1. 

If I am not mistaken, I was at this stage..... so this is what the two contractors saw when I opened the dumpster door on their first day.

Their shock and disbelief at the meticulous order of trash in a DUMPSTER (not to mention their taking pictures of it) led to my decision to document the entire cycle of that 1st dumpster...from how I stacked it, what it ended up weighing, some dumpster math and a walk-through of the project to show how much I actually fit into the dumpster.

As part of this rehab, we had some major structural issues that involved temporarily jacking up the house in the basement and knocking down some exterior structural walls.

This being an older house, I ended up with a lot of old brick, chunks of concrete slab and chunks of concrete block....several TONS of the stuff.

We happen to have two concrete recycling facilities in my area. One takes concrete and asphalt only, the other concrete, brick and possibly asphalt, I believe..........for FREE. Just sort the material so you are not mixing different materials load it up and go dump it.

Being the Dumpster Dominator that I am, I would rather dump for free when I have TONS of the stuff than weigh down my dumpster if and when it is time and cost effective to do so.

Some of you may find this as a viable option so I am passing it along if you have similar facilities in your area.

In a recent trip, I took some pics at the concrete recycling facility below.

Another tip to save your dumpster space and weight for actual trash/construction debris etc.  is to dispose of large volumes of tree limbs, overgrown shrubs and yard waste etc. at an organic resources recycling facility.

I have one here in my local market that is operated by the city but I would think that most cities have a place like this that operates on public funds or maybe even some that are privately operated.

It may be free or at a nominal cost to dump miscellaneous organic waste at these facilities.

Of course this may not be feasible or practical if you only have small amounts that can easily be pitched into the dumpster.

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