I am considering originating a long term mortgage on one of my rentals. I do not need the cash, can earn 5.5% and will get a little cash as the down payment. Pros and cons? Here is the background. I’m all in on the property for $105k Rent is $1200 per month plus the renter pays all the HOA and property taxes, maintenance etc. they pay everything and I collect the $1200 per month. I have rented it for 5 months so far. I can sell it for $159k the buyer has 10% down. I would do a 30 year mortgage at 5.75%+/- Found several loan service companies for $30 per month. Does it make sense long term? Any sources stories? Do’s or do not’s. I know the basics- sell and reinvest they money,etc. more curious to know if anytime has done this thinks it worked well for them and why. Or why they would not do it again.