My first post here, hello!

I am working on my fourth Airbnb property deal and have found an individual interested in funding the initial down payment/reno cost for a stake. My company will do all the deal sourcing, renovation, management, etc.

The investor is interested in tying the investment to cashflow (less interested in equity because the properties aren't worth a ton) and wants to have a more long-term relationship vs. just debt.

I haven't found any similar scenarios so here's what I've come up with and I need help!:

40-60% gross revenue (after cleaning fees) for either 2 years or until the investment is recouped then 5-15% cut in perpetuity. 

I want to make this deal worthwhile for both parties as this investor is willing to reinvest in future properties. My biggest roadblock is figuring out what to do if/when we decide to sell the property. Anyone experience anything like this or have an opinion? Thank you!