Glamping, Tiny Homes, and Unique stays

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Hi everyone! I have been a BiggerPockets listener for two years now, but this is my first forum post! I have been increasingly interested in tiny homes and glampgrounds similar to Getaway and what you can find on Airbnb. Especially in our covid world, glamping is a great option for travelers because of the ability to stay away from the masses and still have that unique experience. People are traveling out of the city for more outdoor activities. If you want to learn more about the glamping business, I recommend watching Robuilts on youtube. His latest project is out in Tennessee to build a 50-acre tiny home village. Anyone out there finding success in their unique stay? 

@Marlay Smith - Tiny homes have been growing a lot over the last handful of years. Myself, being in the industry for the last 3, I can say that covid has certainly drove the masses to start looking at them, for many reasons. 
We have a very successful tiny home hotel here in Colorado. My team and I are working to establish a community more geared toward full-time permanent living but tiny home can certainly offer a broad spectrum of solutions for many.