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VRBO traveler first chargeback we won then second chargeback LOST

Posted Jul 11 2022, 11:11

Group of 5 rented for 5 days. Arrived no complaints. We have a non-refundable policy if guests cancel reservation at any time after it is accepted. Next morning, they packed up the luggage and left the property without a call or text message. Later, they sent us an email through VRBO site and demanded for a refund and made up a list of items full of false information. We have 100 reviews with 5/5 stars guest review on VRBO. 

We did not refund as they broke our agreement. They wrote a 1/5 reviews full of lies and VRBO verified and rejected the review. They disputed all payments ($4,500) chargeback through credit card. We spent a lot of time gathering pictures, facts, and support documents to VRBO for the chargeback. We won the first chargeback. A month later, they disputed a second chargeback, and the outcome of all the monies went to the traveler. 

We contacted VRBO and they could do nothing but advised that we communicate with the traveler to work out some agreement. !! BE REAL VRBO !! We think VRBO did not care much effort for second chargeback it wasn't worth of their time. FYI, VRBO has profited over $20,000 a year in service fee from our listing through booking.

Any advice or action you have experienced, please share we are much appreciated.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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