Where in Florida should I invest?

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Originally posted by @Tina Chau :

Hi can someone tell me where can I invest in Florida where the returns are reasonably good? 

 We have had some success investing in the areas that are about an hour outside of Orlando for long term rentals and around Disney for short term rental.

 Be sure to check to see that localities allow them.  In Brevard, on the east coast, it is really hit and miss where they are allowed and where they are not.  I invest in Melbourne Beach, but Indialantic is a hard NO, while Indian Harbour Beach is a YES, Satellite Beach is a NO, and then up to Cocoa Beach...

@Tina Chau you have literally dozens of great options, the whole state is doing fantastic with rentals. Are you looking to do short term or long term rentals. Single family, townhomes, condos or multifamily. I'm partial to Orlando because I live and work here and understand the market. Orlando offers great options for any type due to the growth and proximity to the rest of the state and beaches. Best of luck to you.