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How Short- Term Rental Hosts Are Taxed?

Cole Simpson
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Charlotte, NC
Posted May 15 2022, 06:27

Nothing stresses out a host more than short-term rental taxes.

A deduction is an expense you spend on your short-term rental business that can lower your taxable income. This is a good thing! The more deductions you report, the lower your taxes are.

Before recognizing what you can deduct, you will need to decide if your property will be taxed under Schedule C (1040) or Schedule E (1040). ⁣

For some STR hosts, rental income is passive income. Passive income falls under Schedule E, which does not subject to self-employment taxes (15.3%).

In certain cases, hosts will need to file a Schedule C to reflect their STR property if it is considered active.

Publication 925 which addresses active businesses states that if the average rental period is less than 7days, a Taxpayer may elect active treatment and file a Schedule C.

Schedule C (1040):
You will use Schedule C if your property is your main source of income or is part of a vacation rental business or trade. Schedule C applies to hosts that offer additional services such as daily maid service or linen changes. If your property offers this, the IRS views your rental as a hotel service.⁣

Schedule E (1040):
This form is for hosts whose short-term rentals are passive income, or “a side hustle”, and may not be their primary source of income, or they do not provide hotel-level service. ⁣

Deduction examples for hosts using Schedule C & E⁣

- Advertising and marketing⁣
- Auto and travel⁣
- Commissions paid to vacation rental platforms⁣
- Cleaning and maintenance⁣
- Depreciation⁣
- Host service fees⁣
- Legal and professional fees⁣
- Management fees – This is where you write off services like Host Tools that help you automate your short-term rentals!⁣
- Mortgage interest⁣
- Office supplies⁣
- Real estate taxes⁣
- Repairs⁣
- Utilities⁣

Let me know your thoughts!

Charlotte, North Carolina

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