Where do you find your properties for Vacation Rentals?

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As I've mentioned, as developers in the coastal areas of Orange County CA, I've become fascinated in the niche of Vacation Rental properties, just because of the sheer number of them. While marketing the house we have in San Clemente, I have looked for sites where I might cross advertise it for a Vacation Rental property, but have not come across any sites that focus on listings of VR properties, so I thought I'd come to those with experience. 

Obviously most people find a house through the regular channels of MLS etc., looking for properties in the VR market they're interested in, etc. But...

  • If you have a property that is suitable for a Vacation Rental, where do you advertise? 
  • When wanting to buy a property for your Vacation Rental or Short Term Rental Business, where do you look? 
  • Have you ever purchased a Vacation Rental property that was already an established business? 


     Advertise in Vrbo or airbnb and the like. Some city's in So Cal have an extra charge for short term rentals. San Clemente charges 10%. Some have even put a hold on them( my town Laguna beach).



Regarding "When wanting to buy a property for your Vacation Rental or Short Term Rental Business, where do you look? "

County courthouse and/or REO sites (e.g. HomeSearch).  

Just like elsewhere, it's become a crowded market. But in the VR market, buyers shy away from the "classic" heavy rehabs. They are hard to find, but they exist. All this from an east coast perspective;) I know nothing of CA and other foreign markets.

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