Palm Springs Market -- looking to meet knowledgeable locals

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     My partner and I will be in Palm Springs this week, researching properties.  We are planning on buying ah handful SFRs and/or multi-family places, and turning them into short-term vacation rentals.

     We are looking to meet anyone in the area -- potential partners, rehabbers, property managers, real estate agents etc.  We are both experienced, but will need to find a network of skilled locals that can handle day to day operations and lend expertise.

    If this i your market, or you know someone in the area, please drop me a line.  Our first visit will be from 7/9-7/14.

Hi John,

I know of a good broker out in the area that specializes in everything from sales to rehabbing and new construction development. They have a very knowledgeable team and I suggest hitting them up. Shoot me a message if you're interested for more information.

Happy Hunting,


Hey, John.

My wife and I moved to the Palm Springs area from San Francisco a year ago--with similar goals to your own. We have two properties down here so far (one we're currently rehabbing) and the other a successful short-term vacation rental. My wife's also a realtor who consults for an international vacation rental firm. So we may have some good insights to share. Let me know if you're interested in connecting!



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