Would you buy an STR house accross the street from a school?

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I am looking at a really great STR house, super design, remodeled, dual master, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pool, etc.... BUT it's right across the street from an elementary school and youth baseball fields. There is a 6 ft cinder-block fence around the property for privacy. Does anyone have any experience with an STR near a school or have an opinion one way or the other? Good or bad? Give it to me straight.



Not that I am advocating for sexual predators... But in my experience, I don't know my guests well enough to know or enforce. In places like Miami-Dade county in Florida, there are now laws on the books that limit the number of days a convicted sexual predator can legally stay at a vacation rental that is within x# of feet from a school. I think this is not only ethical but god forbid something ever happen. I would never want that on my conscience. 

I'm with @Jared Higginbotham - my first thought was liability re: sexual predators.  My second thought was how much I would hate to be across from a school if I were renting it - the noise level and the periods of high traffic in the area would be downsides I'd be sure to mention in a review.

My advice would be: if you want to move forward with it, look into the local laws re: convicted sex offenders to make sure you can conform to them, and prominently disclose in your listing that you're across from a school.  (but personally, I wouldn't touch it, because even if the onus is on the sex offenders to maintain their distance - and I believe it is - you don't want that liability on your conscience or on your finances)

That said, would it be a good property for a LTR?  Proximity to a school with a house that size could be very desirable, but I don't know your market enough to know if LTRs cash flow well there.

Thanks @Julie McCoy that is sound advice and I think I'm going to pass on this property.  There are plenty of others that don't have this potential HUGE issue.  Not with the risk nor just the "ewww" feeling it gives me that this even exists.   


I have a 4BR 1 block away from a high school and jr high.  No issues.  I have 4 more 2 or 3 BR's 2 blocks away from the same schools, no issues.  There is a soccer field in-between these last 4 houses.  Some of my tenants from the 4 houses play soccer with the general public in the evenings at that field.

I have 2 other 4 BRs 1 block away from a junior college dorm.  Those students are 18, 19 and 20 years old.  Other than the occasional sex party in the 3rd floor jacuzzi, there are no issues.

I don't see the issues mentioned above for a 4 BR house.

I though more of the noise from the school, but that stops around 3 pm I guess but maybe it starts too early. I would just check the noise on site.

My first thought also was the possibility of a sexual predator being too close to the school.  Also, as a renter myself, I probably wouldn't want to be right next to a school.  Probably not a lot of noise most of the day, but there would be noise in the morning and during recess . . . and lots of traffic during drop-off and pick-up.  

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