Looking for STR investor in Galveston

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We are expanding our STR business to Galveston, TX. We currently have five listings in VT. I've done some preliminary research, and it looks like a great opportunity. We have reached out to a few realtors, but so far, even though they say they work with investors, there are indicators that they don't.

If there are any realtors in Galveston, TX that have expertise in STR's, please reach out to me.

I'd also love to connect with a fellow BP member that is running STR's in the Galveston area to collaborate with.

Thanks for reading my post!


Good morning,

I am actually a Realtor in Galveston specializing in working with investors. I am personally transitioning my portfolio here from LTR to STR and run a handful currently on the island. I'd love to talk with you and see if we could be a good fit.

PM me or feel free to reach out directly via my phone number on my profile

Timothy Church, Real Estate Agent in TX (#668626)

There are several refineries in Galveston.  I market my 22 STRs specifically towards contractors working at the refinery in my town.  I charge motel rates, but they get the comforts of a house.

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