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Hello it’s been years since I’ve been in Bigger Pockets. Since then we have purchased a cabin that was a forclosure we put on nightly rentals In TN and it has been doing AMAZING! Currently we are also under contract to buy a commercial property with two buildings on it. One will be for our business and the second comes with tenants on a 7month lease. We are finding out commercial is a different game than residential. Would live some input. Would also like to find others owners of nightly rentals such as Air BnB properties. Thank you in advance Dondi

Hi Dondi,

Where in TN is your rental? I am located in Maryville, TN and looking at a second home in Townsend to use as a getaway/AirBNB. Any advice for success with the nightly rentals?


@Brian Holt hello Brian, my rental is in Sevierville. Behind Dollywood. It’s been doing very well. Townsend is beautiful as well. I don’t know if it will do as good as being In Gatlinburg or pigeon Forge becise it’s a little to far from the theme parks. It’s close to cafes cove and the river where they go tubing which is good. But I don’t think it would perform as well In Townsend.

Hello! I’m the resident Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge self proclaimed expert. I’m not experienced with renting in Townsend although I’ve been there many times. The properties seem to be a little less attractive and often times even home made looking. The river is the attraction in Townsend. 

My 5 properties in Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley remain completely occupied year round. 

I’m not exactly sure what the OPs question is?? @Dondi Sanchez

@Brian Holt get me on the phone I’ll walk you through everything you need to know. 

@Lucas Carli just want to connect with other vacation property owners so in case questions come up I can aske them. I also own cabins (nightly rentals) in Sevierville. I do have a question for you. What size cabins rent best for you? We are now looking for additional smaller cabins becise we feel we are missing the market for 2-6 people cabins. Would live to know your thoughts.

I prefer 2 bedroom or smaller but I really have no reason to. 3 4 and 10 bedrooms also rent well it’s just a different vibe. There are more sharks in the water for the smaller cabins because more people can afford 150k vs 350k. With the right management (I self manage) your occupancy should remain around 85%. 

The way I look for a property is more based on location and the way it looks Vs purchase price. 

How much do I think it can rent for per night? Will it stay jam packed? Is the one with the view worth 85k more than the one with no view. These are some of the things I ask myself. Never been wrong so far! 

@Lucas Carl We were in Gatlinburg a couple weeks ago as a last minute stopover from our trip to NC. I was thinking I should rent one of your cabins but it was a same day rental and I'm sure they were booked out far in advance. Next time I'm there though...