Insurance needs - switching from a STR to LTR Single family house

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Posting this question here since many STR investors are also LTR.

The insurance needs/costs are probably greater with a STR (liability, contents, etc) compared to a LTR.

What changes would you make for a LTR single family house? What is mandatory for you as a landlord?

I would definitely take out the HDTV and the collection of adult movies with the BluRay player.  I would leave the kegorator but take the propane tanks and grill.  Charcoal grill would stay.   Bath towels would go, along with soap, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc.  All my artwork would go, along with the suit of armor and the full size Marilyn Monroe display.

I would leave the beds, vacuum cleaner, charcoal grill, cable/wifi service, washer/dryer, the gym equipment, all my adult oriented artwork that has my contact information on it (calendars of scantily clad women doing construction work).

They would need to pay the gas, elec, water, trash, sewer.  I would pay the cable the internet because Cox put me on a bulk account, cost is passed on to renters.