AirBNB - Any way to check local short-term rental bylaws online?

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Hi everyone!  Hubby and I are researching and going to purchase our first property somewhere warm in Fall 2020.  Is there some sort of resource online that I can access to see what current bylaws are in areas of interest?  I realize they can change by the time we're buying (I'm a realtor in Canada) yet am hoping there are some resources I can access.  Thanks so much!

Ken & Susan

This is a very heterogenous subject, online resources are going to vary from municipality to municipality.  Your best bet would be to contact the governing authorities directly in the geographic market you are interesting in purchasing your first property.  

btw, congrats on deciding to purchase and not arbitrage.

@Susan Pearce

If you are using AirBnB for short-term stays in your residence, many jurisdictions seem to have grey areas or voids in present regulations.

In addition to local by-laws on short-term rentals, if you are planning on operating as a business you should become familiar with the provincial tenancy and hospitality/hotelier laws/regulations.   In many places, the minimum tenancy is 1-week.  For stays shorter than a week you would be viewed as an hotelier rather than a landlord and be required to be appropriately licensed and collect sales taxes (GST/HST).

Nancy, that's awesome!  I just *snapped* this winter!!  I was driving around in late March, looking at giant snowbanks, and FLIPPED. LOL  I called my BFF who has family down in Corpus Christi, TX, and her niece and nephew are a property manager and realtor, respectively.  I got his number, and have been researching areas before making a decision.  I'm planning to give him a call/email this week.  We're headed down that way in August, yet I'm also looking around Ft. Myers, FL because I have family in that area as well.

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