Airbnb or short term rental management companies in Miami

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Yes. You. With cutting edge software. And some learning on your part. 

Contrary to popular opinion, many prop mgrs are not very good at it for their 30% or so. 

@Mikhail Matorra If you’re looking for a property manager for your Airbnb, I would look at other Airbnb hosts in the area where your property is and ask them if they would manage your property as a “co-host.” Since they are nearby, they would have local housekeeping and handyman contacts for cleaning and emergencies.

Since your BP profile says you’re in Miami, you should think about coming to an Airbnb Hosts Miami MeetUp. We meet once a month at one of our members’ Airbnb property to network and trade tips. There’s lots of property managers and service providers that come. The next MeetUp is Tuesday, May 21. PM me for details.

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