Short term property manager: Windsor Hills

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Hello all,

As I have looked into short term property rentals it seems like a common problem arises when looking for a promising property manager.

I was wondering if anyone on BP knows of a promising property management company/individual.

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It is pretty easy to self manage if you have 3M talent.

What's 3M talent, you ask?

Mechanic, Magician, Mindreader.

I've got the first and third skill down pretty good, still working on the second.

My property managers name  might be or or one of the other quality Property Management Systems. it allows me to be on all the listing sites and have a hosted website and it handles payments and getting guests to sign my rental agreement and automate a lot of guest Communications. And many other things. It can interact with my Smart Locks etc etc

I would not recommend Evolve for several reasons. They don't allow you to be on They look like they cost 10%, but they also bill your guests a stiff commission. And you still have to do the on-the-ground stuff, they just do the easy stuff


I purchased a home in Windsor Hills in March, went through 3 property management companies. I suggest self-managing. I outsource taxes, found a reliable cleaning company, have wifi locks, theromstats, camera’s. Just looking for a reliable handyman. Pay your own bills .. igood luck.. i would take up Lucas Carl on the offer to help ..