The Ultimate Bedroom Checklist For Your Airbnb Business (part 1)

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Starting an Airbnb business can fun and exciting once you're up and running. But when you are first getting started it can be quite intimidating especially if you've never worked in real estate before. Knowing what to buy to create a fantastic guest experience doesn't come naturally so you've got to find out what works best while keeping your expenses reasonable. 

Here is my latest airbnb bedroom checklist:

Utopia Cotton Pillows 

These are cheap pillows that hold their form after being used for a long time. This will give your bedroom a nice look and feel that your guests will appreciate.

Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets

These are high quality but inexpensive bed sheets that have a hypoallergenic and wrinkle free material that will keep your beds looking nice and fresh. 

Poly and Bark Vortex Side Chair

These chairs have a great look and are useful for almost any room or type of property. They have walnut legs and are made out of a nice quality material that will last over time. 

Brightech Bedside LED Lamp

This inexpensive lamp looks like it costs $100 but it's in fact much less than that. I'm not sure what material it's made out of but it's quite nice and it has a modern look to it that will make your room look much more elegant in my opinion. 

HOFISH 10inch Mattress

I like these one's and I like the bed in a box brand as well which I think is more expensive. This one is a 10 inch which in my opinion is as low as you want to go. It just holds the weight better and has a good look to it. Most sheets will fit this size as well. 

Wieco Art 

This is art and designs you can use to make your bedrooms look more attractive. There are many different styles you can choose from so you don't have to pick these but it just gives you the idea. 

Pinzon Faux Fur Throw

This is something you could drop over a chair or just have in a closet for people to use. They are very nice and fuzzy so a lot of people find them appealing. Choose from several different designs depending on your room color and theme. 

MicroFiber Sheets

These are some cheap bed sheets that you can find in multiple colors. I find that they tend to be over priced when you go to the store for some reason. 

Hope you enjoyed the list. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck!

Zinus greentea mattress if needed. 

bedbug encasement. 

waterproof mattress protector. 

Sheets from amazon the ones with 20,000 reviews (i made that number up) 

large tv with cable box. 

4 pillows. 

comforter with bear on it. 

flashlights in bedside tables. 

extra waterproof mattress protectors. 

things are a bit different in my market as all properties come furnished. there's a chance you wont have to buy a darn thing. 

We also have 3 of the Zinus mattresses and they are great. We added a 1.5" memory foam topper and a padded waterproof cover over that and we get lot's of compliments. Also the are all 12"

I have to disagree with the bamboo sheets. They have a tenancy to pill up after some use and washes. This is personal experience. The are not cotton so the weave is different than Percale or Sateen. YMMV.

Also, forget microfiber for anything but kids beds. Kids don't care and they are easy to clean, but man do they get sticky and hot. I think a 70/30 cotton/poly blend is the best choice for washability, durability and overall comfort. We are on our 2nd year with the sheets we have and they still look great. Ready for bluing this fall, but zero issues.

As for pillows, I am currently using 4 per bed. 2 firm and 2 soft. Simmon's Beauty Rest memory foam chunks for firm and standard fiber fill pillows for soft. They are on their 2nd year and doing well. All from Costco. I have never tried the Utopia so I can't comment. All have pillow protectors on them.