STR investing in Connecticut

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Is anyone investing in STR's in Ledyard, CT. I'm very close to diving in and making my for first STR investment, 3-6 months, Markets I've studied and researched are Pigeon Forge, TN and Panama City Beach, Florida, both will be self managed long distance, from NYC, I found a small forum on here that kind of peaked my interest which were properties close to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun only a few hours from NYC. Makes more since I'm a new "investor" and it would be a bit easier to manage and to learn from. Questions:

1. Is the Market seasonal

2. If seasonal, what’s the average occupancy rate for low season

3. Are the markets Airbnb friendly, or are there many restrictions

That’s all for now. :) thx!

@Lorraine Patterson . Best way to find out is to study 20 neighbors on Airbnb for a couple of hours. Could also search this forum for "Connecticut" I don't believe Connecticut has ever been mentioned in the 3 years I've been a regular. 

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Hi @Lucas Carl I looked at at least that many and their calendars are pretty booked up until November, and you are right not much info. On CT on these Forums.... I tried searching and nothing current...