Forsyth County Georgia STR

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Hi Guys! My name is Tara and this is my first post! 

I’m looking at properties in Northeast Georgia, and found one I really like. I would potentially like to AirBnb it, but now I’m reading that Forsyth County, which the property is in, is now banning all residential AirBnbs effective Jan 1, 2020. 

Does anyone have any additional knowledge or intel on this other than the articles online? If you have a STR there how are you battling this?

Thanks everyone in advance! Super excited to have joined the community! 

find another market Tara.  Smoky Mountains is pretty good.  So is Coffeyville Kansas if you can put up with the b.s.

Hey @Tara Bergstrom , welcome to the forum! You will find once a municipality that decides to ban STR's, it can be difficult to change it. I have to agree with @Paul Sandhu on finding a different market.

It is possible that things will change later as it has happened in other areas, but don't count on it.

Dont try to jump into an are that is starting to ban STRs. Look for a better are that is STR friendly (at least for now). As Paul said the Smokey mountains is a tip STR area.