How to Airbnb, free info.

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I came across this free video on YouTube, I think a lot of members will be able to enjoy it!

I just found out the city close to where my Vrbo is located is voting on STRs. Luckily I am not in the city but how knows if the county might want to pick up this cause. 

It would be bad for someone to start a STR business and have all their eggs in one basket and then have the drug pulled out from underneath them when the laws change.

@Meir Greenblatt

Cool, I’ll have to watch it when it’s not 5:30AM and wake the beast! (my girlfriend) I get AirBNB commercials and little how tos videos. Some of them are informative.

I'm sure there are some good nuggets in there. I just watched the video that allegedly shows how much he makes with his business. He started out by showing how much he earned with his first few properties a few years ago and then started giving tips about furnishing, reviews, and other topics. 

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Hi @Meir Greenblatt, 

I love airbnb automated! Such a great youtube channel - we've been following it for almost two years and have learned a lot. It is so impressive how much Sean has scaled! 

Indeed,  I admire his achievements,  and saw how he went from 3 units to 28 to 100's.

I just now opened my own arbitrage Airbnb,  but it's not easy at all when working 12 hours a day, luckily I have a guy that is taking care of most of the stuff,  but I rented the place a month ago,  and still I'm not online ready to go, hopefully next week it will go live  :)