Using Airbnb Co host to help manage while traveling

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Hello all,

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Spartanburg, SC but are employed as traveling healthcare workers. We typically take 3 month contracts and would like to use Airbnb to rent our home while we are away. We would need someone local to help out with the Airbnb in case of an emergency or something goes wrong and the renters need assistance. Does anyone have any experience with using a Co host to help manage the property while traveling across the country? I have seen other posts about software such as Turnoverbnb to help manage the cleaning between renters. I assume even with this software I would need someone who would be willing to take care of other tasks that might require more effort and provide potential assistance to renters. We have never used Airbnb as a host so any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated!

Chandler Gordon

Go to a real estate agency.  They usually have the skills and manpower to manage other peoples property.  Whether or not they have the skills to manage an Airbnb, I don't know. 

If you can do this and break even, go for it.  Don't expect to make any significant amount of profit.  If you can make enough to go out for dinner and drinks once a month, I would consider that a success.

My cleaning lady kept all the loose change she found in my STRs in a coffee can.  After 18 months I took the can to the bank to cash in.  There was enough change to buy a keg of beer, and the cleaning lady and myself split it every evening before dinner and going to bed.  She'd let me sleep with her...for free.

Hey Chandler,

I own several of my own Airbnbs and also co-host for several folks in Columbia, SC not too far from you.  We've been contacted about co-hosting a few times and it always originates through a "fake" inquiry on Airbnb.  I think what others in your situation are doing is looking for Airbnb listings in their area to find a host with a solid base of reviews.  Once you've found a host you like, reach out by inquiry and explain your desire to find a co-host.  You'll need to find a way to route the conversation off of the airbnb platform to discuss the details (we ask them to visit our website where there is a contact us page).  Typical fees are 20% of post cleaning revenue.  You still pay for utilities, consumables, cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, but the co-host will coordinate these activities and manage guest communications.  You'll want to have a few initial discussions and walkthrough of the property to make sure you are on the same page on everything.

Best of luck!

@Chandler Gordon I live in Greer. I have long term rentals in Greenville, Greer and Inman. I also have a Airbnb/Vrbo on Lake Hartwell. I would consider helping you with this. I have local handymen, contractors and HVAC contacts that I use in this area that I could deploy to issue at your place in Spartanburg.

We can do lunch one day if you want to discuss further.

@Chandler Gordon I think it depends on the Host, but for me it is.  I can leverage economies of scale due to having the systems in place (message automation, door lock automation, trained cleaning staff, maintenance contacts, etc).  For that reason, the work to add an additional unit is mostly on the front end for applying those systems to a new property, but after those systems are in place the incremental work is manageable and worth it.