I Wanna Build "The Apple House"

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The Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) Big Idaho Potato Tour had a huge spud built as a promotional tool...and it became a massive success.

People all around the world travel to stay in the massive spud.

I've read it's booked for two years!

And it got me thinking...

I have a concierge company serving several owners of short term rental properties along with some I own myself.

I'm seeing booking rates drop significantly due to saturation in the Phoenix market...it's WILD out here.

Anyone who owns a couch, trailer, or patch of dirt is listing it on Airbnb, VRBO, and all other platforms.

...and the only way you can stand out is if you have a glorious rating, big track record, awesome photos, and/or provide something nobody else has.

    But...what if

    What if I built an Apple house, in the shape of an apple, and called it "The Apple House" (original I know)and inside there was:

    • An apple TV
    • Apple sauce in the fridge
    • Apple jacks in the pantry

    And every guest gets a vegan/gluten free apple pie delivered to them as a part of their stay LOL

    Maybe not overdo it, keep it fun and contemporary, avoid trademark infringement, and just make it a fun niche apple lover's dream?

    With Instagram and social media, I'd let the guests share their experience.

    I'd make it 600 sq ft on bottom level with a loft, an additional 300 sq ft.

    Queen bed with twin bunk in the loft, professional work space and kitchen below, and sleeper sofas galore!  

    I'd need an architect, some engineers, and a team, but I think it would work.  

    I wonder if pulling permits for such a space will be a pain? 

    Would I need to build it in a backyard?

    Maybe I should build one under 200 sq ft (legal size of "shed") and see how it goes?

    Has anyone built anything unique or is anyone interested in seeing a project like this come to life?

      It's not a bad idea if you can pull it off but I think it should match the market. An apple house would work well in an area known for apples or cider houses or something similar. Potato works for Idaho. Treehouse works well for the redwood forest. If you can somehow tie your home design to what people are coming to see, that will help with marketing and I think marketing is key. People love quirky, unique things while on vacation which is why they will go out of their way to see the world's largest Prairie Dog or drive through a tree. Chico Hotsprings in Montana has a train caboose that rents for $275 a night while a regular cabin rents for less than half that.

      If you can get it built and it looks good I'm sure it would be a hit. It is something unique and it would stand out from the competition.

      I'd get some ideas how this can be built without breaking the bank so that it can be profitable.

      I bet you can find some construction ideas by starting on Google. Maybe you could find an old tank that would already have the shape. 

      @Michael Baum Maybe I don’t call it “the Apple house” and maybe it’s just a property in the shape of an Apple and there happens to be Apple products inside.

      The lawsuit may make headlines LOL...more publicity I guess.

      Call it the apple orchard especially if you have more than one. Build a circular building and apply an apple wrap or acrylic apple painted picture covered with a urethane clear coat to front 2/3. Then  don t forget apple cider and alcohol mixed!

      I think it is clever, and I don’t think I’d ever want to stay in a spud.  :D

      My experience is that people like themes.  You could really theme that out, as there are all sorts of items in the shape of apples.  Perhaps there are even sheets with the pattern of apples, and paintings.  It could be very campy.  And eye-catching.  Memorable.  And that would draw people, and keep them coming back.

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