Brand of duvet covers?

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Duvet covers can tend to take a real beating - people eat and drink in bed and spill things, they get washed often which causes them to fray and degrade, etc. Yet they can be quite expensive to replace frequently. Anyone have suggestions on a good brand of duvet cover that's durable and lasts for a while but isn't prohibitively expensive?

No duvet. Just comforter. $65 on Amazon. With bears. Wash once per month. That’s what my competition does and that’s what I do. Rarely gets below 32 in my market a big comforter isn’t necessary. Cleaner carries extra on truck in case of blood puke beer or all 3. 

We just put a top sheet on top of the fitted bed sheet.  We put a blanket or comforter on top of the top sheet.

@Lucas Carl It's going to be 14 degrees and snowing tomorrow! I wish we were there. 

@Mark Miles I too wash comforters once a month. I have two of the exact same one that my housekeeper rotates. I started out with really nice down comforters with duvets and my guests complained they were hot... 

Hey @Mark Miles , we use the light Charisma brand comforters from Costco. They are great for summer sleeping, washes well and lasts. We are on our 3rd year. They are lightweight though.

I tried using duvets and chose the IKEA waffle pattern. It was recommended by some other owners but I hated changing them.

You could try triple sheeting. High end hotels do this.