Dont mix STR and LTR

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This USA Today article  today which makes the problem of trying to mix the two (str, ltr)  hit home.  This tenant  and his problems after the landlord decided to short-term rent part of the building. I once stayed at an Airbnb mixed with ltr and found the long-term renters way too casual in their behavior and attire.

"@Airbnb has been a nightmare for me. Their customer service literally hung up on me when I called. Here's my story. My landlord has turned 2 rooms of the house I've lived in for a 9 years into air bnb. Lats night 3 dudes checked into one room. Nobody in the house had any notice..."

The article is chopped off and there is no link to it.

This does look like a disaster. The owner should have at least made sure the LTR tenants were ok with this. I don't care for the whole renting a room in someone's house, but that's just me.