Recently bought a 3/2 oceanfront-Not liking current management co

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I wish I could show you how adorable this house is now. We flipped homes for the last 30 years but decided recently with the interest-rate so low to hold onto this one and try to rent it as much as possible. We signed on with the existing rental company that had 250 nights a year but discovered the owners were hardly making a thing of the rentals. We have now found our own reliable cleaning crew and maintenance and have re-designed and updated the space greatly. Your beautiful new pictures and 3-D photos an aerial shots. what is the best way to market this home on the ocean for 3 to 7 day minimums? We want someone to offer "white glove check in" and personal touch, BUT I want involvement in the reservation booking payments and contract. they are companies that really just want 20% to find your clients and book them but then we have no control if there's a cancellation or change.

how can we do this wisely (possibly we handle this or pay someone to help us) with minimal fees? We truly want to build a great experience for each guest and build up repeat customers!

Id love to talk to someone with oceanfront property in South Pontevedra Beach/St. Augustine full home on ocean. We have a great market and I know we can do well with the right approach. ready to move in right direction. 

Wish I could share the matterport. We completely redesigned the space and made 1100 ft.² highly efficient and BoHo chic!

Have you looked into Airbnb and VRBO? The systems are very user friendly and get a ton of exposure to the vacation rental market. You set the cancellation policy, you get to approve the guests, and you are not paying ridiculous fees to an antiquated management company.  

I stay at the beach almost every summer.  I would say you really don't need white glove check in.  Driving straight to the unit and having the code to a Smart lock on the door is the absolute nicest and easiest check in.  I don't want to see anyone to pick up keys or be checked in.  Where I go is Ocean City, MD, and it's normal to have 7 day rentals (Sat to Sat) in high season, and shorter stays off season.  

Hey @Amy L. Maynor . Cute place! I agree with @Lauren Kormylo on the white glove check in. That is not necessary for your kind of place. That kind of service is for 20k a night places with a helicopter pad and 2 2020 Escalades to use.

Another thing to worry about is tax implications offering services. You lose most of your tax deductions.

I also agree with @John Underwood on managing it yourself. I manage our lake house from 360 miles away with zero problems. You should at least give it a shot.

What is your nightly?

@John Underwood is correct, you won't like any manager in STR. LTR is a different world. There are no reviews involved.

Download the Airbnb Vrbo and igms apps, plug in behind pricing, done.