Do you troubleshoot/repair your cable TV?

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I was collecting rent at a house yesterday and one of the tenants said that the cable tv wasn't working in his bedroom.  He said there was no reception or the reception was pixelated.  We went to his room and I reset the cable box.  Still had the same problem.  So I checked the coaxial cable going to the box.  It was loose at the wall connection and loose at the cable box.  I tightened it and the reception came back to normal.

I flipped to the next channel and it was the Cartoon Network.  I asked the guy if he liked to watch cartoons.  He said "No".

I flipped to the next channel and it was Telemundo.  I asked the guy if liked to watch the Spanish channel.  He said "No".

Then I asked him if liked to watch the channel where naked women dance on a stage with a pole.  He said "He!! yeah".  I said "Sorry, I don't have that channel".

I have our cleaners check the TV when they are cleaning the house. I have had unplugged cables to run game consoles and not plug stuff back in correctly. I now have labels on the end of very safelight/TV/DVD cable to show where it should be plugged in to make troubleshooting easier and prevent me from getting a call.