Short term rental gated Communities? Yes or No?

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While on vacation would you stay in a gated community?  Wondering whether it is a hassle to stay in a gated community where you have to buzz yourself in with a pass?  The good, the bad and the ugly experiences.  Thanks.

I love them. I prefer staying in a private house in a gated community. The gate or gatehouse is zero hassle as far as I'm concerned. 

Hey @Becky Haag , I have never stayed in a place with gate access, but I don't see why I wouldn't.

I guess it would depend on the area. In rural Idaho where our lake house is, I could see it being a bit of a PITA. But in the Disney World area, most of the resorts that people use for vacation rentals are gated and there doesn't seem to be a problem.

I will say that it imparts a feeling of security. You feel better about your kids riding or walking around because not just anyone can wander around.