prefab cabins for short term rental

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Hi All,

    I am intrigued with the idea, similar to GetAway, of putting multiple prefab cabins on a picturesque plot of land near a city (in my case Portland Oregon).  I have read an article on this strategy which was very supportive of the idea, but the article is promoting certain paid products and so may be biased.  Have other people either successfully employed this strategy or ruled it out?  I would also be interested in learning about more of the costs of using prefab cabins, like preparing a foundation, drilling wells, installing a septic tank, etc.  I am also trying to figure out what kind of zoning will allow for multiple cabins, or if each cabin has to go onto its own plot.
Thanks for your help!

Hey @Noah L Roost , you will have to check with the county you plan to build in to find out the zoning. What kind of guest are you trying to attract? Couples? Families? Are you planning on cramming them together or spacing them out with privacy?

Are you planning on these having full service like water, sewer and power? If so you will need to find something zoned for multi family. You will need to drill a well, but that could possibly feed multiple units, same with septic if it perks out.

What size of cabin are we talking. Pre-fab's come in many sizes. Most will require a foundation of some kind unless you do a tiny home on a trailer. 

There are a ton of variables that you need to work out before moving forward. My gut is saying you will need to find a multi acre property with the zoning for several units. Multnomah isn't terribly flexible from what I have heard. Not sure about the surrounding counties or where you want to build.

Hi Michael,

     Thanks for your response.  I am thinking primarily about couples and small families and imagining about .5 acres to 1 acre per cabin so each one can have a bit of privacy.  I am envisioning 1 and 2 bedroom A-frames with kitchens and bathrooms, like Avrames ( My thinking is preliminary though and I am still flexible depending on what is going to pencil out best.  I was hoping to do multiple units on the same septic tank.



Ok @Noah L Roost , you got an idea of your kind of structure. I guess you need to start checking with the counties you plan on doing this about the regs regarding septic. 3 bedroom and under will require 1000 gallons and 4+ bedroom 1500 gallon plus.

There are rules for everything of course. Here is everything the state has to say on septic systems

But that can be modified by counties and cities. You just need to start there.