Rent STR House out during construction project?

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An advice for the prospect of renting a vacation rental out while an attached 2-car garage is being built for it? 

I want to keep generating revenue, but think this may seriously affect my rating if I do. 


If you do it. Lower the price and clearly explain what is going on.

Be best to fast track the build during the off season and not rent during this time.

Yeah; the cabin is ready to rent as it is. I may rent it as-is and hold off on the construction until I can accelerate the project. That is, unless I can find a good contractor committed to the project very soon. 

My Airbnb unit was being rented out during the construction project for a 19 story apartment building that was maybe 75 feet from the unit. I discovered that lowering the rental rate during construction was not necessary. What was necessary was an accurate description of the construction noise and times in the "House Rules" section that guests must read prior to booking. Instead of bad reviews, I would find the guests in the backyard watching the construction as if it were a concert or show. Some even took videos of the construction.