Real Estate CPA Needed Birmingham Alabama

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I highly recommend David Hughett at Poythress, Hughett & Mathews. We interviewed four firms when we were looking to change accounting firms. It wasn't even close. We couldn't be more pleased with how thoroughly this team has been on top of EVERYTHING in these strange times.

@John Street

Your profile indicates that you may have a couple of different businesses from flooring, property management, real estate agent and now real estate investor.

The good thing is that they are all real estate related so the possibility of claiming real estate professional status does increase. This is something to discuss with your CPA.

Good luck in your search!

@Basit Siddiqi Thank you for your reply. To clarify, I have worked in property management before, and manage a rental property that I own, but I don’t own a property management company.

Also, I am a sales director for a flooring company, but don’t own that company either.

I am a realtor and also own a single family rental. I’m looking to scale through flips and adding more single family and small multi family rentals. Hopefully a CPA will be able to shine a light on which type of incorporation will be best for my business goals.