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Hey BP Community - In your opinion, what are the strongest "B" and "C" class neighborhoods in Birmingham for flips?

You might try Crestwood for Class B and Ensley and Fairfield for Class C.


I'm a new investor in Bham. I am primarily focusing on wholesale deals right now in the Ensley area. Glad to connect with y'all here on BP

I'm a big fan of Gardendale.  I would call some of the houses "B+" but their school district is really helping with appreciation and making it a possible buy and hold.  

Live in Birmingham and interested in joining a real estate group to network as well educate myself on real estate investing.  

Any recommendations?


Woodlawn & Eastlake with all the gentrification going on. Georgia Rd & 1st Ave used to be my stomping ground in highschool. Now it doesn't even look the same :(  It's full of yuppies, lol.

i’m interested in the commercial multifamily investment market in birmingham and found this thread. curious to know how is everyone doing who posted on this thread a year+ ago !

does anyone have insight on where the current up and coming neighborhoods are? i’m interested in areas that are becoming popular for millennials/young professionals, so have been looking at southside, downtown, woodlawn...not sure if these are still considered emerging or not

on the flip side i’m also interested in strong blue collar neighborhoods close to blue collar jobs.

I invested in a couple sfh in Centerpoint.

@Meredith L. There are a LOT of multifamily and condo units coming on-line downtown. It's by far the favorite for yuppie type Millennials. Southside is heavily UAB, which is growing, and I think the area continues to benefit from that. Woodlawn and Eastlake are still "emerging" but there are some popular "hipster" establishments that have opened up there (artists and musicians). Crestwood is very popular with millennials too.

For blue collar neighborhoods, Hueytown to the West, and Centerpoint to the East are the big investor favorites. 

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@Rob Drum I'd like to stay clear of areas that have too much new construction,  but I really like the idea of Woodlawn and Eastlake. I'm going to have to visit all these neighborhoods before I can really know for sure where I'd like to target. Your suggestions are a great guideline for where I should start.

@Shepard Ager I just sent you a message! 

Hey All, this looks like a pretty old thread that's been revived, so I thought I'd just pipe in that this topic was discussed a while back and this thread may be of use to those of you looking to invest in Bham. We only do B/B+ props, so if you're looking at C or lower, my post on the thread may not be as useful to you, but there's some great info in there from other investors as well:…


Does anyone invest in Eastlake? What has been your experience in that area? What challenges and risks do you see?

Thanks for your help!

@Cliff C.

I own two buy-and-holds in Birmingham, however, not in East Lake. In general, East Lake spans a large area and the South East Lake neighborhood comes the most highly recommended. That being said, the neighborhood and Birmingham is very street-by-street market so it requires due diligence and a good team. Let me know if you have any questions!

I did a flip in Eastlake last year and have another there I'm going to flip soon. 

Challenges: Crime. One of my contractor's guys got held up at gunpoint while on the job.  

Risks: it's street by street there. I've driven it and you can really see it. You want to be sure you're buying on a good one. And make sure your ARV is adjusted accordingly.

That said, I like the neighborhood and I'm cheering for it. 

I’m all for eastlake being that I grew up on that side of town. My rentals are doing well there. I will say this, depending on the address like stated above, it is a street by street market. The “NORTH” side tends to be a little worse than the “South” side. 

@William Winslett

I have a buy-and-hold SFR in Pleasant Grove. It's a nice neighborhood with a good Price/Rent ratio

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