Looking for an agent in Dothan, AL

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Hello lovely people!  I've recently begun my search for a property in Dothan, Alabama.  I'm looking for an agent with experience working with investors, and even better, one who invests him/herself.

If you have any recommendations please let me know!  Otherwise I'll just start calling every single brokerage I can get a number for until they're all sick of hearing from me.  Haha!  Thank you!


Ryan are you still in the Dothan Alabama area?  I am looking for someone local that is knowledgeable of the area.  If so, please shoot me a message.

@David Putz get in touch with @Adele Hawkins ... .she is in the area. New to REI, but has already made some good connections and can probably help with some basic questions.

I too am looking to get into the area, so please share if you get any info. David, what kind of stuff are you trying to do there?

@Brauck Cullen We purchase distressed mortgages notes( properties that are in default and the bank has not foreclosed).  We receive lists from hedge funds and banks to buy the paper on the property. Once we acquire the home we then complete the foreclosure if we are unable to work things out with the borrower.  There is a property in that area that was on the list and I need someone local take a look at the property so that if(when) we foreclose we buy it with an idea of what it will sell for.  

@David Putz that is very interesting to hear. I am not physically in the area, but Adele might be able to help you out as she is.

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