Time limit for right of redemption for tax deeds

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Hello Sean Whiteman here. First time user, long time reader. I have just purchased three Alabama tax deeds. One is vacant land, one is an unoccupied house and the other three are are occupied houses. I understand the ejection process but I have a area that I need cleared up. Does the prior owner have three years from the time I take possession of the property to redeem or did their right to redemption expire while the property was with the state as all of the above were sold to me as tax deeds and three years have pasted already. Lastly, If I file for the ejection, and win, will the owner still have the right to redeem. Thank you

Hey Sean, I'd suggest looking at posts by Denise Evans or chatting with her.  I'm sure it's been answered on here before...I haven't dealt with tax deeds, so I can't give you a good answer. 

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