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Hey everyone,

My wife Kassie and I are sort of new to real estate investing. We are 25 & 26 and have just closed a cash purchase on our first flip house.

On most nights, I can't sleep due to thinking about investing strategies and becoming successful in this business. I love to stay up and read books and blogs about investing and just stumbled upon BiggerPockets. I love what I am reading and am wanting to be a part of this shared learning experience. 

Any advice is more than welcome! 

Hey!  It is awesome to meet another young investor!  I am 24 years old and have the same excitement about it as you.  I leverage my age all the time and started on the buy and hold side vs the active income side.  I would love to network with you further.

Welcome to BP, Blake! It's an incredible place to learn legit stuff for free. If you aren't listening to the podcast, that'd be my #1 recommended BP resource. 

Reach out if you want to. 


Thank you for helping me out! I look forward to being involved with BP and getting to know everyone.

What part of Alabama?

@Blake Ray be sure to share your case study on the Flip you are doing! How did you find your flip? 

@James Jay I live in Cullman County and my investment house is located in Cullman as well. @Jeremy Galloway I will definitely share all of the details when finished. I come from an architectural design and engineering background, so I am forcing myself to use my experience and figure out a way to do most of the renovations myself. This is saving us a lot costs starting off and I am very hopeful of it being a good flip. Also, we found this house listed in MLS. It is a foreclosure. We initially made an offer and didn't like the counter offer, so we forgot about it. After a month of being on the market, I noticed it sas still for sale so we put in a new offer and ended up negotiating a deal that I was happy with.

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