Mobile Alabama House

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I am looking for a realtor to help me out - I have foreclosed on a house in Mobile AL. I am in need of having someone do a drive by and let me know condition of the house and if it is occupied.  It has been awhile so I want to check the condition. I will be interested in selling the house.


Contact Jonathan Keith with Keith Real Estate in Mobile.  BP won't let me put contact information in a post, but you can google him. He deals in foreclosure properties in Mobile, and might even be a prospect to buy it from you. His company also does property management and real estate brokerage.

Thank you I will call him

@Leslye Schiff Please let me know if I can help you out in any way. I am an investor and Realtor in Mobile and am actually buying a house in a few hours that someone had to foreclose on in Mobile. I would be glad to give you an honest assessment of the house.

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