Wholesale lease option in Alabama?

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Does anyone have experience wholesaling lease options in Alabama? Is it legal in Alabama? Would it be best to contact an attorney before going through with doing this? I am curious as to if this is legal or not.

I’d recommend contacting Brian Trippe at the AlaREIA in Birmingham. They just did a video on their YouTube page about a member who recently did a Lease Option. 

(And yes, assigning a lease option contract is legal in AL - the same as assigning a regular Wholesaling contract is. But I recommend that you consider hiring a Realtor to market the home for you. Or become a Realtor yourself.)

@Joe McCall Do you happen to know I can search for that particular You Tube video explaining lease option assignments? Where are good places to search for sellers who would be interested in doing lease option assignments? I found his You Tube page, but I was looking for the video you are talking about. I have spoken to several sellers in the past who only wants all cash offers. I was looking for sellers who would be open to doing lease option assignments. Those sellers are hard to find in my personal opinion.