Multi family properties in Mobile and Birmingham

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Hello all, my wife and I are moving to Alabama in 8 months and I’m looking to get my foot in the door with the Alabama real estate community and hopefully begin forming relationships and getting in contact with local professionals as soon as possible. I’m really interested in the Mobile area, as that is where we are moving to, and I’ve started to look into Birmingham as well.  I’m looking for a rental property, preferably multi family, to hold and rent. 

If anyone has any advice, points of contact for wholesalers or real estate agents, or just wouldn’t mind letting me know about your experience in the area I would appreciate it!

@Jacob Dodge I've been looking in Mobile, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I have spoken to a couple of people from Jason Will Real Estate, and haven't been overly impressed. However, they did point me to Irby LLC, which is a wholesale group. I signed up for their email list and get the houses sent to my email. Might be a place to start!

@Jacob Dodge Hey Jacob, 

I stumbled upon your post when I was searching for Southern Alabama BP Meetups. My parents live in Mobile and my husband and I are investing in a commercial property in Mobile. We have a few commercial RE contacts (inspector, agent, etc) if you need any. Best of luck on your move. 

KJ, thank you so much! We would love any points of contact you have for Mobile. We’re prepping for the move now and hoping to find a deal in the first few months of being out there. Feel free to DM me. 

Thank you again

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