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What is the worst home insurance company in Alabama? 

I can’t tell you much about the worst companies, but I will tell you that the best insurance company I have found for investment properties is The Norton Agency.  They insure in most states, and I’ve done over 300 homes with them.  They have a product called Real Protect that is was developed for large hedge funds buying single family properties.  I’ve used Foremost, All State, State Farm and USAA and Real Protect has had the best rates.  I’m glad to get anyone contact info if anyone is interested in major savings.  The best part is they can insure the property when it’s vacant at tenant move out.  Many policies lapse or won’t honor coverage after 30 or 60 days of vacancy.  Always check on that!

I am an independent insurance adjuster and have handled claims for 100+ insurers.  I am not affiliated with selling insurance in any way my experience comes from how the insured party was treated and guidelines per my client the insurance company. 

 All homeowners policies are basically the same across company lines.  The difference lies in how those policies are  ultimately defined in the eyes of your company.  Companies in my opinion can have a customer or risk favorable view of policy or the opposite and only want to save a buck...on everything they can.    For homeowners insurance ask if the company utilizes any kind of managed repair program which sounds great but takes a percentage off of material on your estimate,  in my experience this is a red flag and equals a insurance company that will not have your best interests in mind.... Liberty Mutual/Safeco has a program like this.   

Other companies can have endorsements at no extra cost that extent your polity like a better shingle program...where a company actually pays you to put better shingles on your roof upon damage this is a great program and shows a company that wants the risk (your house) to be as good as possible and basically pays you more for it in the event of a loss....Nationwide has a better shingle program in some areas of the United States.  

Oh, sorry, they aren’t local but live in Gainesville, GA.  I can get you their number tomorrow, call me and I’ll put you in touch tomorrow.

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