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Originally posted by @Katrina E McMahon :

If there is 3.7 acres with a home that needs to be tore down and also needs wetland filled.....what would it sell for? Does anyone invest in the rual area of Geneva al?

Wetlands filled ?    Thats a big no no .   EPA will fine you till you die 

Talk to the building department to see if the lot is even buildable.  You will not be able to fill in the wetlands if they qualify as federal wetlands.  Just won't happen.  

If it is not buildable you might want to see if the shack can be 'maintained' or expanded, and if so try to build a house around the shack, even if the shack becomes a backdoor mudroom.

You might have property that is only useful as wetlands and there are conservation banks that may buy it for that purpose without the shack.

Too many spinning wheels on this one, ask a realtor for a free appraisal to get an estimated value.

may be wetland is the wrong term lol. I'm new to this. There is a house on it with no drainage and has been lived in that I know of for 11 yrs. It's on a wood foundation and is sinking and splitting the house. Bowed floors.... slanted floors. 

Is the land wet, like its puddled for any amount of time, I think 2 weeks and it can be a wetland.  Does it have wetland type vegetation such as cat tails or phragmites?  IF so you likely have a federal wetland.

Many times houses that were built on wetlands were built on stilts because the ground holds water, often subsurface and its not a good foundation for a house.  Great for frogs, fish, birds, etc, just not too good for houses.  And septic systems are generally forbidden now days if it is a wetland.

Ask the building department.  They are your friend and will know the rules for that property.

No way to agree to any price or value as there is not enough information to know.  It may be a valuable piece of property or as useless as buying a county flood control basin-you get to pay property taxes, have liability for everything that happens, the potential for hazmat build up, and can not do anything with the property.

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