Looking for certified, reliable home inspectors in Huntsville, AL

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Looking for top notch home inspectors in Huntsville area for a property we are buying. Need someone with attention to details and lots of experience with rehab'd properties.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Cowley with Cowley Home Inspections is who I have used for my rentals in Huntsville. Great guy and very knowledgeable. PM me for his contact. 

@Shabii Dilmagh I have used Pillar to Post and Bill Loden - it won't let me post their emails here- Let me know if you can't find. Both are good. Bill is more expensive-- but I think worth the cost. 

I can second the recommendation for Michael Cowley.  I just got a report from him last week on a property - very thorough.

@Shabii Dilmagh

If you know that you are going to do repairs on the property I would recommend using using a contractor to inspect the property and give a quote of the repairs.  I generally do this as I have seen inspectors missed things that my contractor would pick up as they would be the one fixing the issues.

Michael Cowley!! He inspected my quad out there.. I'll be using his services again in the near future.

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